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Easy House Manual Builder

Create a custom house manuals / guidebooks / digital guest welcome book for your vacation rentals.

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Our members make their guests happy and earn 5-star reviews which lead to more earnings and designations such as Airbnb's Superhost status.

Design the Ultimate Vacation Experience

You could give your guests the one experience they wouldn’t stop telling their friends about!

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"We're be able to charge more, and ours guests love us for it."
Kim Smith
Satisfied Customer
"Its digital hotel front desk for my vacation rentals..".
John Williams
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"Amazing! It helps bring all the things that guests like about hotels into the world of vacation rental."
Liz James
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Available anywhere works on phones, tablets and computers. Your guests get to choose where they want to see guides. We give vacation rental owners the opportunity to offer comfort, convenience and quality.

Design the Ultimate Vacation Experience

What if you could offer more comfort, convenience, and quality? What if you could personalize their experience with a concierge service? Now, imagine if that online concierge service was a virtual one. Its digital front desk in your hospitality space...

Perfect for any size operation makes it easy for you to curate services for your VIPs no matter what perks they may require: room service, spa service, valet service, groceries delivered or extra cleaning, ride-hailing, pick-ups and drop-offs, access to private events or exclusive locations. We help both homeowners, fine hotel and resorts, and serviced apartments with this web-based app, which acts as a traveling personal assistant.

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Travel hospitality isn’t a new trend. But catering to today's digitally connected travelers takes innovation. That’s why staying on top of your VIP’s needs and expectations is key to running a great hospitality space. Improve the travel experience while increasing revenue. And to do that, you need to unlock guest intelligence.

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